Rigidas Privacy Policy

Rigidas Software Ltd (Rigidas) treats your privacy with great concern and aims to be GDPR compliant as per stated below.

What data does Rigidas collect?

Rigidas collects as limited information as possible for the purposes of running its applications. This includes user email addresses, device information and information required to integrate with third party providers such as Linnworks.

Personal information is not required and as such any personal information provided in the Rigidas account page can be deleted by the user.

What does Rigidas do with my data?

Your email address is used to create your unique Rigidas account, and for all communication between yourself and Rigidas. Some device information is stored to allow Rigidas to differentiate between active installed application sessions. In some cases, on-device storage is used to retain login and setting configurations. This is to allow the smooth operation of Rigidas applications, so that login sessions and user settings can be remembered between uses. If a Rigidas application requires a connection with a third-party application, security and session tokens will be stored to allow the application to access this third party's services.

Rigidas will never sell any of the data that it has collected to anyone and will not freely hand over any information unless specific consent has been given. Some data will be used in conjunction with 3rd party services listed further in this privacy policy.

How long does Rigidas keep my data?

Data collected by Rigidas is retained for as long as is necessary for Rigidas applications to continue to function.

How can I ask Rigidas to forget about me?

You can delete your Rigidas Account. This will delete all your personal and business data that Rigidas holds. Rigidas may continue to store past communications and copies of invoices in the other third-party applications we use.

How can I raise a complaint, ask about what data Rigidas holds, or ask for my data to be erased?

If you would like to talk to us about how Rigidas handles your privacy and data, please contact support@rigidassoftware.co.uk

What about Cookies?

Rigidas websites and applications (applications) do not use cookies for any purpose.

Third-Party Policies

Rigidas use a range of third- party technologies to help provide services and to make sure our applications function correctly. Below you will find details on all third party services we use, and why we use them.

Zoho Mail and Invoicing

We use Zoho's services to receive emails and create invoices for bespoke developments. Zoho's privacy policy


We use Mailchimp to send emails for marketing and system updates. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Mailchimp's privacy policy


We use Freshdesk to manage our support tickets and is the primary way for use to communicate with individual users about our applications. Freshdesk's privacy policy